First and foremost, Battlefield Reptile Expo will always follow all local, state, and federal LAWS.

We believe that every individual has the right to choose how they live their lives, and that includes whether or not they wear a mask or vaccinate. Proof of vaccination records is not required for entry as this is personal medical information between you and your doctor.

We would recommend that anyone that has concerns about their health and safety when attending any public event (not just ours) wear a mask, bring along hand sanitizer for your personal use, wash your hands frequently and avoid excessively touching items (or in our case, animals) for sale.

If you are uncomfortable with the policies we have set, please stay home.


When is the next event?

The next event can be found at the top of our home page and you can also visit Facebook events to view all scheduled shows.

Where is the venue?

Battlefield Reptile Expo is held at the All Star Event Complex at 2638 Emmitsburg Rd, Gettysburg, PA 17325.

Where can I find the vendor list?

When the vendor list is available it can be found on our home page or on the current Facebook event.

Where can I get tickets?

Armbands are only available for purchase at the door.

I'd like to be a vendor, do you have tables available?

Using the navigation menu at the top of our website, select which year you’re registering for to access the available expo dates. As long as the date is not marked as “sold out”, we have tables available for vendors.

How do I put a deposit down on my vendor tables?

If you would like to place a 50% non-refundable deposit down on your tables instead of paying 100% upfront, please use coupon codeĀ DEPOSITĀ at checkout. Balances are due by noon the day of the show.

Where can I find my receipts?

Click the user icon on the top right corner of your screen and then My Account. Click the Orders link on the new page that loads and all of your transactions will appear on the page.

I'm not receiving emails from the website, what do I do?

First, check your junk mail. It’s not uncommon for automated emails to end up in a spam folder. If you still can not locate the emails you are looking for, please contact us using the form on this page.