November 23rd, 2019

Allstar Events Complex | Gettysburg, Pennsylvania


Looking for something fun, entertaining and truly unforgettable to do that the whole family will enjoy? The Battlefield Reptile Expo is an all-ages event bringing together exotic animal lovers from all walks of life. Whether you’re a lifetime enthusiast or someone who’s just curious, this expo is for you.

Enjoy an action-packed day learning about all manner of exotic creatures, from snakes and lizards to frogs, arachnids and many more. Meet up with others hobbyists who share your passion, chat with breeders and explore over 100+ tables featuring animals, supplies, merchandise and more – all in one convenient location.

Admission is free for guests 12 and under, and just $5 for everyone else. It’s a MUST-attend!


November 2019
  • A Bros Reptiles

  • AC Royal Reptiles

  • Addictive Arachnids

  • Adrian's Captive Creations

  • American Invertebrates

  • Ancient Reptiles

  • AR Reptile House LLC

  • B&M Reptiles

  • Battlefield Reptiles

  • Big Lock Reptiles

  • Black Heart Reptiles

  • Blue Mountain Morphs

  • Bodacious Balls And Reptiles

  • Busy B’s Exotics

  • Canyon Country Reptiles

  • Charm City Glam Chams, L.L.C.

  • Christies Reptile Room

  • Choptank Exotics

  • City Balls

  • Conley Herps, Inc

  • C Serpents Reptiles & Racks

  • Dale Mitchell Reptiles

  • Darling Geckos

  • Diamond Scaled Reptiles

  • DM Ball Pythons

  • Double A Exotics

  • Double M Reptiles

  • EJR Exotics

  • Emily Burke Artwork

  • Fisher Reptiles

  • Fowler Reptiles

  • Fosters Creations

  • Frank Martin Reptiles

  • Friendly Morphs

  • Funky Morelia

  • Gecko Haven

  • GG's Geckos

  • Good Guy Reptile Family

  • Greg Haverstock Reptiles

  • Hershey Exotics

  • Image Reptiles

  • J&R Constrictors

  • JK Reptiles

  • JNT Reptiles

  • Just Lizards Inc

  • K&K Reptiles

  • KBK Reptiles

  • Lips Reptiles

  • LR Exotics Company

  • Maestro Exotics

  • Maryland Reptile Farm

  • Middle River Royals

  • Morphed Out Reptilez

  • Northern Maryland Geckos

  • Mossy Croak Frogs & Exotics

  • Osmun Reptiles

  • Outback Reptiles

  • Ozzy Boids LLC

  • Papagoat Reptiles

  • Production Reptiles

  • Project Python

  • PurplePassion Morphs

  • Raging Reptiles & Feeders

  • Reasonable Reptiles

  • Rick Krumrine Reptiles

  • RKZ Rodents

  • RTF House Of Reptiles & Feeders

  • Salome Designs

  • Serpentine Exotics

  • Silent Hill Reptiles & Rodents

  • Steve Winkler Reptiles

  • Summers Serpents

  • Susquehanna Ectotherms

  • Susie Q’s Scaleless LLC

  • T&B Reptile Zone

  • Talon's Cove

  • The Gecko Zone

  • Tri Force Morphs

  • Triple J Reptiles

  • TR Reptiles

  • Wicked Oak Pythons

Last Updated: September 13th


The Battlefield Reptile Expo is held at the Gettysburg Allstar Expo Complex in Gettysburg, PA. Exhibitors and guests alike will enjoy over 35,000 square feet of event space, as well as an expansive lobby, which means that if the weather doesn’t cooperate, you won’t have to worry about having to wait outside for entry. The venue also features a variety of other amenities and family-friendly activities, including a food court with indoor and outdoor seating, an arcade, a laser tag area, a go-cart track and much more.

For those traveling to the Battlefield Reptile Expo from out of town, there are two adjacent hotels conveniently located right on the venue’s property – The Eisenhower Hotel and The ASPIRE Hotel & Suites – featuring over 300 guest rooms as well as multiple dining options. With easy access from Baltimore, Washington DC and Philadelphia, as well as two nearby international airports and several major highways, transportation to and from the venue should be a breeze.

For directions to the Gettysburg Allstar Expo Complex, please click here.

Trip Ideas

Things to do in Gettysburg!

Whether you are attending or exhibiting at the Battlefield Reptile Expo, be sure to make time to explore Gettysburg. With a rich history, beautiful scenery, plenty of outdoor recreation and lots of other things to do, see and experience, you may just want to extend your stay longer. History buffs will enjoy touring the Gettysburg National Military Park, the Eisenhower National Historic Site and, of course, the infamous battlefields. Take a guided tour or explore on your own – the choice is yours!

Not interested in history? Not to worry! There are activities galore for the entire family. Hop a train and enjoy a relaxing ride through the scenic countryside, go horseback riding or take in a round of golf at one of the area’s 12 courses (professional AND mini).

When you’re ready to eat, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from, including everything from national chain restaurants and local hometown eateries to fine and historical dining options. And don’t forget to hit a few of the many charming shops around town so you can pick up a treasure to commemorate your visit. There’s literally so much to do around here, you’ll never get bored.

For more information or to plan your trip, check out the visitors website here.